The TeslagenX TX-1AU Universal was designed as the universal solution for the wide variety of small rechargeable batteries. From 1.2 volt “AAA” sized to 24 volt cordless tool batteries, the TX-1AU Universal will mean never having to buy disposable batteries again.

Cordless tool users will find their batteries packed with extra power. No longer will you have to buy a whole new tool when the battery no longer takes a charge from the charger supplied with the tool.

Add up how much you spend each year on disposable batteries each year and you’ll see that the TX-1AU Universal will pay itself off in no time. No more worrying about when your kids will ask you to buy more batteries!

Clips and magnets are included to connect up to virtually any small battery. A green light indicates that your battery has finished charging.

The charger features:

  1. 8 power levels to choose from. A chart on the top of the unit makes proper power selection easy.
  2. Easy to read LED status indicates when the battery is charged.
  3. Charges rechargeable NiCD, NiMh and lead-acid batteries from 1.2V to 24V, up to 7AH. (Most cordless tools are 3-4AH.)
  4. See owner’s manual for more details.
  5. Physical dimensions - 6" wide x 5" high x 8" deep. Approximately 10 lbs.