What was the strange device that two U.S. soldiers found in an abandoned house during a mopping-up mission in Germany after World War II and smuggled back into the U.S.?

A device with no input pipes or wires that they had to forcibly step on to stop it running.

At which point the lights went out and the room was plunged into darkness.

After a 50 year mystery, with the last remaining pieces of hardware on his laboratory bench, John Bedini tells the story, and what a story it is, showing how yet another proven overunity device was almost lost to history.

An emergency self-powering home electrical generator that was produced in Nazi Germany from Volkswagen parts—and was then sold for a number of years in the United States!

John Bedini shows how it worked, and not only points the direction towards its reconstruction, but also highlights how and why replication efforts failed.