Because of his stature in the academic community, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Ilya Prigogine was hard to refute when he postulated some circumventions around the supposedly inviolate Second Law of Thermodynamics—and this is where the Prigogine crystal comes in.

As it happens, amateur geologist and audio engineer John Bedini had also intuitively been exploring the physical possibilities of the Prigogine crystal from an early age at the practical level. In fact it even served as his calling card to Tom Bearden when he found out that Tom had also been writing about the strange characteristics of Prigogine crystals in one of his earliest books.

In this DVD John Bedini builds a Prigogine crystal from scratch, using embellishments learned from John Cejka, then fires it in the kiln. After this process, you can see the gold and ruby that has been created by transmutation in the substrate, just as nature creates them, exposing one of the long-held secrets of the alchemists.