Following on from his private lecture and demonstration in his laboratory about what has come to be known as the SG Machine, John Bedini's wildly popular public lecture about the SG Machine several months later has now been released on two DVDs (discs 3 and 4 of The Bedini-SG Machine series).

Not only are a number of the details from the previous private session fleshed out in even greater detail, but a lively Q & A with the audience in the packed auditorium will give you answers to probably some of the questions that you personally might have wanted to ask.

Filmed with three cameras, this is another essential educational tool in learning how to master this amazing technology, a technology that you can only learn in its unadulterated form from the only person in the public domain who truly understands it and is willing to share it—John Bedini, the inventor.

Who better than the inventor John Bedini to tell the complete history of what has come to be known as the SG Machine?