Tom Bearden tells of a trick that old bulldozer operators used to use when their batteries drained while trying to start a balky diesel engine on a cold morning. They would move the leads around on the bank of seemingly flat batteries and tap the terminals. Miraculously the batteries would regain a charge, and the engine could usually be started.

Fast forward to the '70s, when John Bedini discovered that he could do the same thing with a set of keys from his pocket and household 'D' cell batteries.

Then move forward again to when Ronald Brandt, who, being cognizant of a self-running electric car using this self-same principle, approached John to help him sort out the technical problems he was experiencing replicating the process.

It was rumored that NASA were also concurrently working on perfecting the same procedure.

Filmed in multiple sessions over several years, this amazing three hour DVD, hosted by John Bedini, explains in minute technical details how this pulsing process gates in radiant energy, and how it can be captured for practical use using what he terms the Tesla Switch.

The circuitry is examined component by component, and a working model is demonstrated.

The series culminates with a bench test of an advanced development of Bedini's Tesla Switch, which is demonstrably putting out at least six times more energy than is fed into it.

There is not much more that can be said about this DVD!

Learn to tap directly into free, unlimited energy from the vacuum™ with this 2-disc set–what Tesla called “hidden, radiant energy.”