This circuit board has the potential for 4 Bedini SG circuits to accommodate transistors, neon bulbs, diodes, resistors, grain of wheat bulb and battery connections.

Once you have your SG tuned with the variable reisstor (potentiometer), you can measure the potentiometer resistance and replace it with a fixed resistance. A toggle switch lets you easily select the variable resistance or the fixed resistance or switch between them if your machine needs a different startup resistance.

The board also has a provision for heat sinking when running in repulsion mode. The heat sink is also useful for positioning the transistors prior to soldering.

The PCB includes the following:

  1. 1 x Circuit Board (PCB)
  2. Complete circuit schematic

The PCB & Heatsinks includes the following:

  1. 1 x Circuit Board (PCB)
  2. 1 x aluminum heat sinks with screws
  3. Complete circuit schematic

The kit (no longer available) includes the following:

  1. 1 x Circuit Board (PCB)
  2. 4 x matched MJL21194 transistors
  3. 4 x transistor thermal pads
  4. 1 x aluminum heat sink with screws
  5. 5 x 1N914, 1N4001 & 1N5408 diodes (15 diodes total)
  6. 6 x 10, 22, 100, 220, 470, 680 ohm 1W resistors (36 resistors total)
  7. 1 x 250 & 1K ohm 5W variable resistors
  8. 1 x DPDT switch to switch between off, variable or fixed resistor
  9. 5 x Neon bulbs
  10. 2 x 12v 20mA grain-of-wheat bulb
  11. 1 x 12v 100mA grain-of-wheat bulb
  12. Fuse holder, fuse & jumpers
  13. Screw terminal blocks to connect coil wires, batteries and fixed resistance
  14. Extensive pictorial assembly instructions with parts recommendations and tuning instructions
  15. Complete circuit schematic